Here's a list of virtually every song The Bitter End recorded, released or played live, including covers.

The list is more or less in chronological order of the song becoming a band thing rather than when it was written. All songs by Steven Camden unless noted. Some of the songs have links to unreleased recordings - demos, outtakes, live radio, etc. - if you want them. More will be available as we find them. You'll need a fast internet connection because the sound quality (if nothing else) is pretty high.

Moonlight - Mother Was Dead - Pilgrims - The Rent Is Always Due - Open Road - (I wanted to) Dance With You - When I Sleep, I Dream - Acquaintances - Younger Than Yesterday - Cold Light Of Day - I'm Not Cryin' - Back Porch (instrumental) - Different Light - Dreamscape - Too Lonely - Don't Walk Away - My Turn To Lose - Alone - Take My Breath Away - Green River [by John Fogerty] - A Kiss Before I Go [by Rod McQueen] - Spaghetti Western (instrumental) [by Camden/Dempsey/McQueen/Rigby] - (You'll never take my) Love Alive - For The Damned - As A Friend - Winds Of Change - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [by Bob Dylan] - You Don't Know Me - Previous Crimes - Is He Your Man? - Want To Love - Rainy Days - Powderfinger [by Neil Young] - Barstool Blues [by Neil Young] - I'm Your Man (don't you know?) - (Looking for) Somewhere - A Fractured Fairytale - The Sun, The Moon, The Stars And The Sky - Parachute - She [by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart] - Cul-De-Sac - Faultless And Foolproof - The Virgin [by Gene Clark] - Frayed And Torn - Fibrotown

And here're some additional songs that never made it to rehearsal or on to a recording.

Honestly - Little Red-Haired Girl - Torch Song - Rattling Chains - Anything But Friends - Haunted