The Bitter End released an EP (home recordings - 1997), a full length album (Element - 2001) and a track on a Gene Clark tribute album (You Can't Hide Your Love Forever - 2002). Not a whole lot of "product", as they say, but all of them garnered reasonable reviews and most of the material is still kinda listenable in our own humble opinion.

From memory, the last track recorded was The Virgin (on the GC tribute). It's probably the best sounding of the recorded tracks. Maybe I'm Your Man comes close. Parachute is the most disappointing as far as a recording goes. Song-wise, we liked it a lot. There was a song called Fibrotown which owed a lot to Parachute. Last we heard, they were settling the matter in court.

Not everything is still available. For his own demented reasons, the clown who initiated the Gene Clark album refuses to allow anyone to distribute it. The other two are available from CD Baby and directly from us.

Various on-line music distributors have the band's music available for download including itunes, rhapsody and musicnet. By the way, if you visit any of the on-line music sites and see a track called "Prelude" from home recordings, don't download it - it's just a 20 second lead-in to the first track. In fact, the whole combined track is here if you want it.

home recordings (EP 1997) Element (LP 2001) You Can't Hide Your Love Forever (LP 2002)