the bitter end (1995-2002)

Alas, The Bitter End is no more. The band fought the good fight but a creeping ennui overtook us sometime early in the new century. As is so often the way, the band succumbed to the inevitable just as its first full-length album was released.

Herein, though, you can get an idea of what went before.

Gladly - at least for the band - some of the music made it onto plastic and out into the world wide world. (All that work for 16 songs? - Ed) Sadly, some half-decent ones never made it outside of the rehearsal room, sometimes not even that far. Maybe they're like the toys in Toy Story, waiting until no-one's around before making plans of their own. Or maybe they're just scribbles on bits of paper or dodgy demos on slowly disintegrating cassettes bearing no resemblance whatsoever to Woody and his pals. Probably that, actually.

Were we wasting our time? Is any band that doesn't become The Beatles or even Television wasting it's time? At what point aren't you wasting your time? Is Elvis really dead? I think you only have to have a few really memorable moments to have not been wasting your time. Finishing a song and being 51% happy with it ... playing three or four shows we could honestly say we were happy with ... sliding sideways toward a state trooper's car at 60 mph on an ice-covered bridge in Alabama (or was it Georgia?) and being too tired to care ...

Anyway, have a listen and a poke around and make up your own mind.

Steven Camden (on behalf of the band)

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